28. May 2013

Astra brings back a true industry icon in time for Park Avenue

One of the coin-op industry’s most iconic and successful gaming products will make its presence felt among the great and good at this year’s Park Avenue Open Day. Commanding a significant footprint in the showroom of Electrocoin Sales will be Astra Games’ Party Time three-player. It has been a full 15 years since the eye-catching brand first captured the imagination and attention of a generation of players and its Bridgend-based creator is confident that history can be repeated with this latest, brand new version.


Talking more about the game and the rationale behind its re-emergence in the market place as a bona fide new game was Astra’s Design Director Andy Dinning. He noted: Party Time is well known for being one of the all-time greats when it comes to arcade and bingo products. Put in perspective, Section 16/21 came and went and new B3 stakes and prizes came into being. That’s not to mention other changes including five different Category C payout limits. Yet despite those distractions, Party Time managed to retain its standing as the staple diet of players in the Category C sector.”


He added: “For 15 years this product has always sat proudly at the top of the Coinslot Charts. Importantly, it has always returned to the player a great gaming experience. And it is for those reasons that Astra Games held back until the time was right to explore the possibility of re-creating the sector’s number one game.


“To that end, we have been working closely with a leading UK operator on an idea to move the player onto a higher stake, whilst at the same time retaining what has widely been acknowledged as a winning formula. The outcome of that collaboration has been a ground breaking new version of Party Time; one that that actually increases the RTP (return to player) as the stake is upped. The results speak for themselves via greater VTP (value total plays) and better RTP. Consequently, both operator and end user can look forward to a better experience. Presented in a reel-to-video format with Illumi Vac presentation and complete with ‘party’ sounds, this latest incarnation of Party Time is going to be a must-have inclusion for bingo clubs and arcades for another 15 years and counting.”


Speaking more generally about the Park Avenue Open Day, Dinning said he was looking forward with anticipation to yet another successful outing for Astra and the industry as a whole. He commented: “As is the case with Party Time, the Park Avenue Open Day has become an integral part of the DNA of the UK coin-op business. It’s evolved into an event that customers, manufacturers and friends find hard to miss - it facilitates one of those rare occasions where business and pleasure really do mix.”