About us

Astra Games holds a reputation for high quality and dynamic innovation dating back to 1992. In the autumn of 2004 the Bridgend-based company consolidated its position as a major force in the international gaming industry by becoming a subsidiary of the world-renowned Novomatic Group of Companies. From the start, Astra has continually broken new ground in gaming machine design. The company pioneered the multiplayer concept, followed by sit-down multiplayers and video multiplayer products. And despite being much imitated, Astra machines remain market leaders.
The company’s target is always to progress through innovation. What is important is always the game: first, last and always. To achieve that target Astra relies on its employees and on the strength of its relationships with partners and contributors in the UK and in key international markets.

The Astra team are the very best of the best in the business. They combine solid industry experience with the enthusiasm and dynamic innovation of youth. The result, for Astra’s customers and for those that seek enjoyment and entertainment from their game play, is a high quality game portfolio that is constantly expanding and continually breaking new ground.

It's all in the game

The gaming industry is, by its very nature, always about change yet one thing remains constant: the desire of players to derive entertainment and enjoyment through their gaming experience. In short, it’s all in the game.

That, in the currently challenging global economic climate, remains Astra’s strength. Backed by the enormous technical, financial and human resources of the Novomatic Group and in constant co-operation with partners in both domestic UK and export markets Astra strives to seek out new opportunities: both at home and abroad

There are a number of constants that Astra has worked hard to maintain: a constant drive to develop, a constant drive for improvement and a constant aim to exceed customer expectations in all areas. One clear example of this philosophy is the invention and appeal of the Category C and B3 product presented on the Astra stand at ATEI, a range of machines that is testament to the devotion Astra’s development team have for creating games that not only innovate, but do so in a manner that appeals to players both old and new. As ever, it’s all in the game!

Astra’s strength as an internationally recognised brand has been cemented by the growing list of successful games in each of Astra’s key international export markets. It is a success that has been born from the huge amount of creative thought invested in games for all of the export markets. By mixing knowledge gained from one market with game concepts from another, Astra have made remarkable advancements in game concepts and machine technology across the export product range, a trend that will continue and further develop in the future.

As always, Astra begins each new year with a resounding proclamation of the company’s desire for progressing games and technology in all of its key markets. 2009 is already following this tradition, launching strong, forward looking games that we believe will drive the industry forward in a positive manner. The environment created by Astra’s two parallel stands at London’s newly named IGE show made a perfect statement of how Astra has broadened and diversified its range of product options to take on directly the challenges currently facing the whole gaming industry.